The creative Adult is the Child who survived

Die liebe Jocelynn hat mir diese Zeichnung von mir zugeschickt. Ich bin begeistert von ihrem Auge zum Detail. Unten findet Ihr einige Angaben zu Ihrer Person in Englisch, welche Sie verfasst hat.


Name: Jocelynn
Age: 24

I am a South African born artist, living in Switzerland. Art is a passion of mine for as long as I could hold a pencil.

With art I have grown and developed my own personal style over time and with experimenting.
Mostly, I use lead pencils. I feel most comfortable and confident using pencil on paper. It allows me to get every single detail.

Pencil portraits have a beauty in it that allows me to add in character and energy. Eyes are normally the main focus point in portrait for me.
Recently, I have started to experiment and work with colour such as water painting.

Portraits are my favourite to draw. Although I am up for a challenge and will draw anything. The most difficult picture I drew was a Harley Davidson which took a long time and alot of concentration, and is now one of my favourite commission pieces.

I hope that in the future I can make a career with my art and skills.

Instagram: jocelynndasilva_